61. Talking Crypto, Community, and Career Moves with Torie Happe, Head of Business Development for Onramp Invest

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Torie Happe is taking a seat in the suite with us on this inspirational episode! She’s head of Business Development for Onramp Invest, a crypto asset integration platform for financial advisors, started in August 2021. You’ll also recognize Torie as the cohost of TacoTech with Johnny Sandquist, a podcast where two friends talk about fintech trends in the wealth management industry and tacos 🌮. 

In this episode, Torie takes us on a trip on a rocket ship, where she gives us her insight into the Onramp Invest galaxy.

And with over a decade of experience in fintech working at notable firms like Fix Flyer and Riskalyze, I was inquisitive why Torie decided to join Onramp, and in doing so, take her moonshot ☄️. 

“There’s just no way to say no…they were building this amazing team,” Torie exclaimed.  

The moment started back in May of this year when Onramp’s CEO Tyrone Ross asked Torie to join the team, and the rest is history. 

Did she even pause to think about it? NFW. Not even a second. 

Leadership, particularly servant leadership, is a central theme here In The Suite, and Torie hits upon critical cultural elements of new firms in the fintech and crypto space, many of them now remote, from the perspective of a millennial go-getter. She gets us inspired and shares how her company creates a community around advisor education, with a motto we can all rally around—EAT: Education, Application, and Tools—eating tacos, of course 😉 

But all this talk around opportunity and how to decide if we’re ready or not provided the ah-ha moment.  

“At the end of the day, you’re betting on yourself. So why not? You’re going to make yourself successful. So take the leap, take the plunge,” says Torie. 

Throughout our conversation, I couldn’t help but notice Torie’s sense of adventure 🚀 , the bold and the brave type, whether we were talking about crypto, community, or career moves. In the most exciting way possible. 

We talk about why advisors need to use social media to build connections and be taken seriously by millennials doing the vetting and Torie’s creativity on Twitter (follow her @toriehappe) around parenting, marriage, baseball, etc. and Disney. 

We can all use these top takeaways from Torie for rocket fuel to power our boosters going into #2022.

  1. Find a creative outlet that is fun (and delicious). The launch of the Taco Tech Podcast with Torie and cohost Johnny Sandquist of Three Crowns Marketing focuses on great conversations, fintech disruptions, and lots of delicious taco takes. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts.
  2. Always look up to mentors who have your best interest. When navigating a career change, always be sure to have someone to look up to and show you the ropes. For Torie, her Onramp family provides the right mentors and colleagues that inspire her to be at her best. 
  3. Get educated on the crypto asset space. Educating others and yourself will take your mind to new heights, Torie says. She’s super passionate about crypto and Onramp’s Academy, headed by Caitlin Cook, and encourages all of us to be in front of the conversation before we’re flat-footed.  

Show Notes:

Today’s episode of In the Suite podcast is with Torie Happe. She is a female entrepreneur, blogger, mother, wife and loves to visit Disneyland. Torie Happe is the Head of Business Development at Onramp Invest, a crypto asset integration platform solution for financial advisors started in August 2021. Torie has plenty of experience in the financial services industry. In this episode, she takes us on a trip in a rocket ship; where she gives us her insight into the Onramp Invest galaxy. 

She holds a Bachelors in Political Science from California State University San Marcos. Torie’s knowledge in crypto assets has allowed for the team at Onramp to develop the motto, EAT, for Onramp Academy; Education, Application, Tools. 

Torie gives us insight into her photography style and the reason behind it. She says, “I think that’s really my goal is to make sure that people know that not everyone is perfect. You don’t have to post a perfect picture.”

Torie discusses her views on crypto strategy and how it will be integrated into Onramp Invest. Additionally, her advice to the future leaders and Gen Z about career moves, her book recommendations on technology companies to inspire the future generations for success, and so much more.  

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Hello and welcome Torie (03:50)
  • Torie being on a rocketship (05:10)
  • Torie’s description of Invest Onramp (11:35)
  • Torie’s Twitter (17:25)
  • Torie’s experience and working virtually (19:30)
  • The FinTech space (32:25)
  • The community on social media (35:50)
  • The realism that everyone is not perfect (39:45)
  • Top three social media platforms (44:10)
  • The perfect taco (45:45)
  • Philanthropic work (49:00)
  • Get in touch with Torie (54:50)
  • Book recommendation (55:45)

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