77. #LiveFromExcell – Using the Power of Storytelling and Conversations to Transform Your Life with Tucker Bryant, Poet & Keynote Speaker at www.tuckerbryantspeaks.com

Today’s episode is the first of its kind. I’ve invited my first guest host and shero Stephanie Foster, In The Suite – to interview the multi-talented Tucker Bryant, Poet & Keynote Speaker at this year’s Carson Excell conference in Las Vegas. Stephanie is a startup executive and advisor, an ETA (electronic transactions association 40 under 40 honoree), and a previous guest. 

Tucker is an award-winning poet and storyteller who left his full-time job as a Product Marketing Manager at Google to help large corporate companies explore the connection between poetic thinking and creative leadership to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. 

Tucker’s passion for language, writing, and performance began during his schooling days in England. However, when he started his career in Silicon Valley, he discovered how many people in the corporate world are uncomfortable with accessing the creative part of their thought process to bring about innovation. And because poetry allows you to be vulnerable, take risks, and explore new things, Tucker believes that everyone can benefit from exploring this art form. 

As a result, in his hybrid presentations and performances, he uses poetry as a springboard to inspire people to develop new perspectives and tear down comfort zones to spark long-lasting impact. 

In fact, one of the many gifts you’ll discover about Tucker Bryant in this episode is his approach to poetic storytelling, which is so powerful and emotional. it’s no surprise that he receives a standing ovation at every single stage.

Tucker’s stories have been seen by millions online, featured at TEDx, and shared on stages with some of our highest-level speakers. He has spoken on stage with Mark Cuban, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, NASA Director Michelle Thaller, and founders and executives from Fortune 500 companies like Twitter, Amazon, McDonald’s, and Walgreens. 

Today’s episode with Tucker is a masterclass that’ll put a spring in your step. Not only does he share with us personal details on how poetry helped him overcome depression, but he also gives golden tips on becoming a better storyteller. He also reveals his childhood dream, his love for music, what he did to get out of his comfort zone, and the positive impact women have had in his successful life. 

If you’re ready to make positive changes in your life, Tucker Bryant is the speaker you need to hear. He’s a dynamic and engaging speaker who gets people fired up, motivated, and inspired In the Suite.

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