76. Turning Trauma into Transformation and Growth with Yemi Penn, PhD Researcher, Author, Documentary Producer & Speaker

I’m honored to welcome Yemi Penn In The Suite! Yemi is a transformational thought leader, author, documentary producer, TEDx speaker, and global advocate for equality and equity in STEM fields. 

Yemi is a British-born Nigerian living in Sydney who is an engineer by profession, an entrepreneur by passion, and a transformational mindset coach by mission. 

A mother of two with a rebellious curiosity for life and business, Yemi is working towards her lifelong goal of a Ph.D. 

Her first book, “Did You Get The Memo? Because I F**king Didn’t”, prompts the powerful message of owning our story, breaking free of living life by the ‘rules,’ stepping out of our shadow, and finding our voice to transmute pain into power. 

This led to her gaining an international reputation as a motivational speaker. She continues sharing her personal and business insights through creative mediums, including her 3-part documentary series, ‘Did I Choose My Trauma?’. 

Yemi achieved all of this while developing four successful companies. Simply put, she is trying to change society by elevating the conversation around diversity and disruption. 

In fact, one of the many gifts about Yemi Penn you will discover in this episode is that her success did not happen overnight, and she has experienced a lot of adversity throughout her life. 

She talks about making decisions and thinking out of the box for yourself, finding strength in stillness, saying yes to taboo stories, and not being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Yemi’s journey has proven that success doesn’t come from a single formula. I can’t wait for you to hear today’s powerful conversation In The Suite.

Resources Mentioned
 Yemi’s Book – Did You Get The Memo?: Because I F**king Didn’t on Amazon
Yemi’s Documentary – Did I Choose My Trauma (Full Documentary)
Yemi’s TEDx Talk
Yemi’s Linktr.ee   
Yemi Penn on Instagram
Yemi’s Create Your Own Memo Course
Strength and Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation by Bob Roth  on Amazon 

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