67. Real Estate Investing for Women and a Multifamily Masterclass with Veena Jetti, Founding Partner, Vive Funds

Today’s exciting episode features Veena Jetti, Multifamily Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian, and Founder of Vive Funds. Vive Funds was launched to fulfill the company’s mission of carefully curating high-quality real estate investments. Vive has developed a rich network of global business partners to make early and transformational investments in assets that have the potential to do great things.
Veena lives by the motto, “Build wealth, build a legacy, and do more good in the world.”  Not only does she financially support women and minority-owned businesses, but she’s also actively involved in various charitable boards and philanthropic endeavors. 

In today’s episode, Veena discusses the benefits of different investment models and shares excellent advice on what to look for in investment deals. She also gives us insight into the behind-the-scenes of her deal-making and funding process. Veena also sheds light on gender discrimination within the real estate industry and provides inspiring advice for women entering the industry.

Veena wants to help others make wise financial investments. As a result, she’s designed the Multifamily Masterclass for passive investors. The courses are designed to teach you to be a more sophisticated and knowledgeable investor.
 Find the agenda for our conversation with Veena: 

Welcome Veena!

·       04:02 Veena’s Origin and Heritage story

·       10:06 About Vive Funds

·       12:50 About Accredited Investors

·       16:45 The effect the pandemic has had on the real estate industry 

·       22:30 Should women think about real estate differently than men?

·       26:50 About Networking 

·       33:58 Veena’s Philanthropy Roots

·       40:15 Advice for women entering the industry

·       53:40 Best way to get in touch with Veena 

·       54:20 Veena’s book recommendation

Veena Jetti – LinkedIn
Veena Jetti – Twitter
Veena’s Multifamily Masterclass
Vive Funds Website
Vivid Vision on Amazon
The Formula on Amazon
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell
The Millionaire Nextdoor

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