67. Real Estate Investing for Women and a Multifamily Masterclass with Veena Jetti, Founding Partner, Vive Funds

We’re so excited to welcome Veena Jetti In Our Suite! Veena is the Founder of Vive Funds, a commercial real estate firm specializing in investors’ opportunities. Vive Funds was launched to fulfill the company’s mission of carefully curating high-quality real estate investments. Vive has developed a rich network of global business partners to make early and transformational investments in assets that have the potential to do great things.

Let’s start from the beginning. Upon graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in finance at 20, Veena worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies, where she oversaw more than $1 billion in real estate assets. Having gained valuable lessons and experiences in growth strategies, acquisitions, asset management, syndication, and business development. Veena decided to quit corporate America to start investing in herself, hence Vive Funds. 

Veena brings a dynamic perspective to targeting, acquiring, managing, and operating assets using best practices combined with cutting-edge technologies. 

Like her parents, Veena is a self-made individual who has paved her path to financial freedom. Coming from Indian origins, Veena’s parents, self-made, arrived in Denver with just $26 in their pockets so that Veena’s father could get a Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering. As her father progressed in engineering, Veena’s mother founded a real estate investment company. Veena credits her mother for giving her the roots and foundation in real estate investment. Veena explains that she’s trying to take the head start they built and define the ‘American Dream.’ Because of her diverse background, she is often a panelist and speaker for various podcasts, global conferences, and radio shows.

Aside from real-estate investments, Veena is a passionate philanthropist and is involved in various national non-profit organizations. She truly believes in empowering entrepreneurs to “go big.” Through kiva.org, she helps businesses, especially women and minorities, owned with micro-loans. Other organizations that Veena is very passionate about include RIPmedicaldebt.org, water.org, Safe Mothers Safe Babies, and more!  She has helped get personal protective equipment for healthcare workers during COVID-19, and she recently assisted in planting more than 1000 trees in a rainforest!

In today’s episode, Veena gives us valuable insights into the type of questions potential investors should be asking before stepping into a deal. She talks about multifamily syndications, different investment models and their benefits, the best time to raise capital, and the step-by-step systems she uses to provide a “luxury” real estate investing experience. 

In the podcast, Veena describes the pandemic as a ‘black swan event’ that brought the real estate market opportunities to grow. She also addresses gender discrimination in the industry. She explains that while she has faced stereotypical comments, she has equally received incredible support from both men and women in the industry. Veena adopts sarcastic humor to combat the stereotypes and advises women on how to be prepared and strong in a male-dominated space. 

From our conversation with Veena, in addition to the great knowledge that she shared with us on investment, below are our top takeaways:

  1. Start Networking With People Outside Your Industry: Veena suggests pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Growth will occur naturally if people with similar interests surround you.  

  2. Learn about real estate investing with The Multifamily Masterclass: Veena wants to teach you how to become a sophisticated and knowledgeable investor who can make smart, analytics-driven real estate investments. Learn more at https://mfmasterclass.com/

Give to causes you believe in: Veena’s story reminds us that every little bit of money, time, and love we can give makes a difference in someone else’s life. Even if it’s giving money to Kiva.org or Water.org, or even planting trees like the villagers in Piplantri, India, do for their daughters.

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