66. Championing Women’s Empowerment and the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Independent Investment Advisers with Brian Hamburger, President and Chief Executive Officer of MarketCounsel

I have a one-on-one conversation with Brian Hamburger to kick-start Season 3. As the architect behind many of the best independent investment firms, Brian is the Founder, President, and CEO of MarketCounsel, a regulatory compliance consulting firm. He is also the Founder and Managing Member of the Hamburger Law Firm; a practice focused on the investment and securities industry.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Brian wears many hats. In addition to being a father to three children, he’s an attorney, columnist, and an outspoken industry advocate for independent investment advisers. Most recently,
Brian was featured on Barron’s Podcast The Way Forward speaking about Mergers and Acquisitions in the Wealth Management Industry. 

Brian explains that his entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in him ever since he was a child, watching his parents and grandparents grow from working in textile factories to owning ice cream shops, auto body shops, and advisory practices.

His role model, his grandmother, pushed him into the field of law.

She told him, ‘If you understand the rules and laws, you can take that creativity to do great things.

Besides speaking at regional and national conferences, he has his annual gathering of the industry’s top advisors and thought leaders known as The MarketCounsel Summit, by invitation only.

The MarketCounsel Summit is an event that allows his team to impact the industry.

He emphasizes the value that these conferences offer the industry as a whole and feels highly grateful for the recognition it’s receiving. The summit has become a family affair where his children participate actively.

As a result of his years of hard work and dedication, he has been named an Innovator in “Investment News’ 2020 class of Icons & Innovators” and included in “The IA25: Investment Advisor Magazine’s Annual List of the Top Influential People in the Industry” in 2020.

Today’s podcast is filled with words of wisdom that will inspire you to level up your leadership skills. Below are our top takeaways:

Men are Champions of Women’s Empowerment: Women’s empowerment should be a joint effort that allows us to work together to achieve the best results. As women, we have the power of creation and the ability to make a difference in the world around us. We can do this by working together and empowering one another so that we can achieve our goals and dreams. Leadership Is In The Smallest of Acts: Treating employees well and providing them with a safe and secure work environment is essential to a company’s success. Employees should feel like they are part of the company’s more expansive vision rather than just a cog in a machine. By applying the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaisen,’ or ‘continuous improvement,’ employers can instill a sense of pride in their workforce. Humanize Your Brand: In the wake of a team member’s unexpected death, Brian did not hesitate to use social media channels to express his emotions. He says that while confidentiality is essential to the profession, it is vital for professionals to share humanity and humility as it can help positively impact everybody. Humanizing your brand can help spread awareness, allow deeper connections with audiences, and make room for engaging conversation.

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