60. Social Media Savviness for Financial Advisors and Women In Finance with Courtney McQuade, Consultant, Social Solutions for Financial Services

We’re so happy to have Courtney McQuade in our podcast tonight. Courtney is a dedicated and savvy social media consultant within the independent financial advisory community. She helps financial advisors tap opportunities and reach their target audience by developing their social media strategies. 

The podcast begins with Courtney sharing with us how the financial landscape has evolved over the years. She reminisces that when she joined the industry, men were brokers, women were the sales assistants, and it was all about selling stocks. 20 years on, it’s about financial planning, looking at the whole picture, and understanding the behavioral aspects. 

She totally understands that planning, selecting the right channels, and launching a digital marketing strategy can feel overwhelming, which is why she’s so passionate about working with clients to design and implement a strategy that tells your story and speaks your language.  

“Think of social media as a digital version of networking in real life,” she says. The podcast emphasizes the power of finding and using your authentic voice when posting and gives tips on how to overcome the vulnerable and awkward feeling when you do so. While the term ‘stalking’ has a sinister ring to it, Courtney says we must use social media as an opportunity to research people and companies online. It can help us find that commonality and bond immediately while saving huge mistakes in business decisions, gaining a competitive edge. Her articles provide a wealth of information that’ll help anyone and any business level up. 

Tune in to the podcast to learn more about Courtney’s origin story, how she got into marketing, the three tenants she lives by, her thoughts on Clubhouse and Instagram, upcoming events at Citywire, how financial advisors can prepare for the conference circuit, the growth of voice marketing, and tips for developing an authentic social media strategy for the newbies and experienced.  

Join our conversation:

  • Courtney Journey to Citywire (04:20)
  • How did she get into marketing? (07:20)
  • Top 3 Marketing Tips (12:30)
  • The three key tenants (20:15)
  • The parallel between social media and real-life (23:04)
  • The love for Buffalo hot wings! (31:00)
  • The conferences that Courtney hosted (32:54)
  • Stalking on social media? (37:00)
  • Thoughts on Clubhouse and Instagram (38:30)
  • Upcoming events at Citywire (45:00)
  • Courtney volunteers at Walnut Creek (51:20)
  • Tips for newbies (52:50)
  • The best way to contact Courtney (54:24)  
  • Book recommendation (55:20)


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