43. Grinding It Out While Exploring the Inspiring Truth About Mentoring, Masterminds and Female Breadwinners with Meredith Moore LUTCF, CLTC, Founder & CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies

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It is an absolute joy to welcome Meredith Moore, LUTCF, CLTC to In The Suite for this episode. Meredith is a CEO, a financial guru, a speaker, a writer, a leader, and a growth junkie. She’s also a fighter with a fiery passion to help lift up her community. 

Meredith is the Founder and CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies, where she helps Atlanta families coordinate their financial world. She won the greater North Fulton Chamber of Business, “Women of Excellence” award and is also a proud graduate of “Leadership Atlanta.”

“My passion is around mentoring, and that’s what really gets me going,” Meredith tells us in this episode. She became interested in the idea around mentorship for the simple fact that she did not have any mentors during the first part of her career. She is also a firm believer of “we are the average of 5 people that we surround ourselves with.” 

In this episode, Meredith encourages us to cross out everything we know about work or business. “I’m challenging people that I’m working with to lean into being yourself and figure out what makes sense,” Meredith says. “Think about it out of the box.” 

Meredith is a fighter not only within the professional aspect, but also within her personal life. 6 weeks after having her baby boy, she became ill with brain cancer. She overcame this life-threatening illness and fought for everything she had including her life and her business. Meredith let’s us know that this illness gave her a perspective on risk that most advisors do not have.

One of the many gifts that you’ll discover while listening to Meredith Moore in this episode is her passion to help her community and her drive for success. 

Meredith shares the importance of having mentors, and how to be true to yourself. She says “they’re either gonna like you or they’re not.” She continues, “I’ve tried to create an environment where people can connect and really get to know somebody at a deeper level.” 

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Meredith and mentorship (06:20)
  • Why finding a niche is important (09:20)
  • You are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with (14:20)
  • Transitioning to a virtual environment (18:00)
  • Training yourself to get vulnerable and connect in meaningful ways (20:00)
  • Meredith’s certifications and background (24:20)
  • Battling brain cancer, 6 weeks after having her son (26:00)
  • Scaling up and rebranding her business (33:00)
  • Hiring to address blind spots and weaknesses (41:00)
  • Finding structure using Entrepreneur Operating System (43:00)
  • What does Meredith Moore’s tech stack look like? (45:20)
  • Meredith’s research and insights on women family providers (51:00)
  • Meredith’s findings on gender roles (58:00)
  • Quarterly skills and accomplishing goals (61:00)
  • Where you can find Meredith Moore (63:00)

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