In the Suite Podcast Episode 19: Building Great Teams and Creating a Culture of Innovation with Kelly Waltrich, Chief Marketing Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions

Kelly Waltrich, Chief Marketing Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions
Kelly Waltrich, Chief Marketing Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions
Kelly Waltrich, Chief Marketing Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions

It’s so exciting to welcome Kelly Waltrich to In the Suite today. Kelly is Chief Marketing Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions, a company that offers a personalized financial management continuum, including advisor technology and investment solutions in order to help advisors find their unique version of success.

As the CMO, Kelly strives toward building a cohesive team. It’s hard to find good people especially those with grit and fearlessness, some of the key core values at Orion. Kelly says a really good marketer can really pick their own path. They can freelance, work for agencies, go in-house. They can create their own destiny, and because of that, she says it’s hard to get really great people. She’s looking for people who are willing to change, evolve, pivot, fail, and still have the motivation to get up and try again.

Even so, sometimes Kelly has to remind herself to step out of her comfort zone and truly push the boundaries. It isn’t always easy to get ready for change, but Kelly feels like you have to take your destiny into your own hands. Eliminate the limits that you’ve set up for yourself.

Kelly’s friend, counterpart, and head of sales, Kyle Hyatt, told her something she’ll never forget in her very first week at Orion. It went something like this: I hope that you love change because that’s what you signed up for. Change every day all day. And that stuck with Kelly. It motivated her and helped to reach the top after a lot of changes to the company.

Three years into her role at Orion, they’ve acquired three companies, their leadership team looks different, her team looks different, the services are different. Basically, every component and facet has faced a tweak or two or three during her tenure at Orion. That’s why she’s such a strong believer in being able to adapt. She wouldn’t be where she is today if she didn’t have that very mindset.

During the start of the COVID pandemic, Orion shifted its employees to a remote model overnight. They have their eye on the future of business. Flexibility is important. Kelly’s biggest problems revolve around inspiration and energy. It’s difficult to jive and vibe as a team when you’re in different places but she finds ways to make it work. From team quotes to team walks, Kelly breaks down her top tips on the podcast!

For those considering a career change or career move, the financial services industry is a wonderful, tight-knit community, ready to come together and lift each. Despite a competitive background, the community inspires each other and promotes each other. By empowering everyone, everyone’s voices can be heard. The financial services industry might be calling you if you just listen.

Kelly has so many wise insights on finding success. You don’t have to be in the financial services industry to find value in her words. She’s a marketing expert and a creative, so anyone has the ability to absorb her knowledge.

Listen to the episode and take the below three steps so you can tap into your own best life and career. You can do it! 

  1. Be ready and welcome for a change. Those who are willing to evolve, change, and pivot are the people who will get better and learn. These are the people that are truly successful. Eliminate the limits that you’ve set up for yourself. Change every day all day.
  2. Take an online class. There are tons of online options these days. Some range in cost from free online courses to affordable to expensive, but knowledge is more accessible than ever. Find an online class that suits your fancy. Create your own course load. Amazing colleges and universities are offering classes online, see what’s out there!
  3. Design your own path. Figure out where you want to be. Figure out where you’d like to be in life and brainstorm from there. Kelly says don’t let anything get in your way. “You end up being your only obstacle.” Don’t let your own mindset put you at a disadvantage. When in doubt, create your own path.


Show Notes:

Today we’re excited to welcome Kelly Waltrich into In The Suite. There’s so much to talk about in this episode. Kelly is Chief Marketing Officer of Orion Advisor Solutions. At Orion, they help advisors find success by offering personalized financial management continuum, including advisor technology and investment solutions.

Kelly is like a butterfly. There’s art in the metamorphosis. There’s beauty in change. Kelly believes in adapting to change as it comes, which it inevitably will. Change is always looming, always near. Just be ready for it. You’ll hear Kelly talk about “change all day every day” and the conversation that made a gigantic impact on her first week at Orion.

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Kelly beliefs about building trust with your peers  (5:55)
  • How to hire and find the right people (8:20)
  • Ways the Orion workflow has shifted since COVID (12:30)
  • Latest big news and updates at Orion (17:10)
  • Thinking about the steps of the Orion client journey (19:20)
  • Orion’s unique spin to content (24:00)
  • Hosting events in a post-COVID world (26:45)
  • Why you need to design your own career path (30:20)
  • The reason why welcoming change is so important (36:00)
  • Why we should lift each other up and build your community (43:50)
  • How a conversation changed Kelly’s life (46:10)
  • Tips on staying connected with your team and showing you care (51:40)
  • How Kelly champions her superpower every day (56:20)

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