In the Suite Podcast Episode 17: Longevity and Evolving for Nearly Half a Century in Financial Services with Keena Pettijohn, CEO and Founder of Lifelogixs

Keena Pettijohn, CEO and Founder of Lifelogixs
Keena Pettijohn, CEO and Founder of Lifelogixs
Keena Pettijohn, CEO and Founder of Lifelogixs

This week In The Suite is positively delighted to welcome Keena Pettijohn into the guest chair. No matter your age, Keena is a woman we can all look up to with nearly 50 years of career experience. She has been navigating the workforce, assessing trends, and maneuvering the path to success longer than some of those reading this have been alive.

Keena is CEO and Founder of Lifelogixs, a strategic consultancy firm that embraces holistic technology solutions. They morph an Advisor into someone more involved, more caring, more hands-on: a Life Coach  – someone who’s there to address the wealth, health, and happiness needs of the clients they serve. 

She founded Lifelogixs in 2019 after dozens of years of real-world experience in other roles. As Keena approached her 60s, her biggest question was is that how the story is going to end? She didn’t want to retire and call it a day, so she began her own business, and ultimately, another item to add to her impressive scroll of a resume. 

Keena is also the Innovations Advisor to the Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA). Prior to the COVID pandemic, she headed BISA’s Innovations Lab at their annual conference in March. Keena has always balanced herself on the cutting edge. She’s the reigning queen of revitalizing herself. 

But as we all know, those who work their way up to the top didn’t always have a seat there. Keena has gone through 9 acquisitions, 9 relocations, 9 bosses, and 9 teams and has had to reinvent herself each time. Keena originally began her career as a technical trader and arbitrager in the financial services on Wall Street over 46 years ago. 

With over four decades in the financial services industry, Keena is an accomplished Wealth Management Executive with expertise in Bank, Credit Union, Broker Dealers, RIAs, and Insurance distribution channels. Throughout her career, Keena witnessed the biggest names in financial services grow from newbies to titans of the industry, including LPL, Wells Fargo, TD Ameritrade, and even the T3 Conference.

In the podcast, there’s a deep focus on the importance of always keeping an open mind to learn. One of Keena’s strengths is her ability to looks at the mature versus the new. What are the new companies doing differently? From assessing Redtail to Riskalyze, Keena has the incredible knack for looking deep into the trends, not surface level, and that’s how she’s made such an impact. She has a gift for evolving and always seeing the sunset before its viewable on the horizon.

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We are thankful that Keena took the time to talk to us here at In the Suite and drop so much knowledge for women across the globe. Keena shares her insights on figuring out social media and the virtual world, her biggest takeaway for being ahead of the curve and on top of trends, and so much more. Take the below three steps after listening to this week’s episode:

  1. Never stop learning. Keena spends a couple of hours every day working on self-improvement, whether that’s researching, reading, or taking part in a webinar. Keena believes in the power of lifelong learning. You should always stay on the path of knowledge. You have to always be looking for new information because it’s always changing. 
  2. Break the pattern. Start to watch what’s happening in a week, in a month, in a year, five years, 10 years. You’ll begin to see patterns start to evolve as processes. Even if you tweak just one element, it could have a fundamental response. Whether it’s product change, operations, a supporting team, there is always something in the formula that could be altered to radically change results. Mix things up.
  3. Connect with people virtually. It’s a post-COVID world now anyway. You have to put yourself out there virtually. It’s not enough to go to a conference say hi and leave you’re a celebrity and people are paying you for a meet and greet. If you’re just getting into social media, Keena says to create a focus and an area of interest so people can understand what you do. You don’t have to be an expert with decades of hands-on experience like Keena, but you can start to become more knowledgeable in a particular a subject matter as you show up online.

Show Notes

This week In The Suite welcomes Keena Pettijohn into the guest chair. Keena has navigated her career for nearly half a century. She made a revolutionary move away from all the tech solutions, instead focusing on establishing conversations as an opportunity to create a result. She has an almost clairvoyant capacity to recognize the moment to jump ship, breaking patterns and barriers as she does it. 

She has such a long career and resume, which she breaks down in the podcast episode. Now, Keena is the CEO and Founder of Lifelogixs, a strategic consultancy firm that embraces holistic technology solutions, transforming an Advisor into a “Life Coach” by addressing the wealth, health, and happiness needs of the clients they serve.

In our discussion, you’ll discover some of Keena’s best advice for establishing a career that you can grow with for years to come. She has deep expertise in how to stay relevant and maintain a career that can last a long time in a world where things are designed to break down. You will love hearing what she has to say about why she decided to work for herself, her thoughts on lifelong learning, as well as the importance of breaking patterns. You’ll want to write notes for this episode, it’s chock full of amazing advice.


Join the conversation to hear about:

  • How Keena first embarked on her business journey (6:25)
  • The elements that attracted Keena to the profession (9:30)
  • The three industries she was first recommended to start in (12:40)
  • Creating a confidential data profile (18:40) 
  • Her biggest takeaway for being ahead of the curve and on top of trends (22:00)
  • The importance of finding and breaking the patterns (26:20)
  • Why Keena decided to work for herself (31:30)
  • How she got into Lifelogixs and learned the technology (38:50)
  • Lifelong learning and why you always should look for new information (43:30)
  • Keena walks us through the innovation lab experience (50:00)
  • Figuring out social media and the virtual world  (55:00)
  • What Keena is focusing on and working on next (61:10)

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