36. Building a Life and a Business without Limits with Stephanie Bogan, CEO and Founder, Limitless Adviser Coaching

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We’re thrilled to welcome our guest Stephanie Bogan to In The Suite because she is a total mindset powerhouse. In this episode, she lays out some foundational tools to help anyone seeking success. Stephanie is CEO and Founder of Educe Inc, where she established Limitless Adviser Coaching to help financial advisors and founders create bigger and better futures and teaches them how to build a wildly successful business and life they love.

Stephanie has a sincere fervor and dedication to high-performance coaching and building scalable advice and platforms from the ground up. Stephanie speaks with such clarity and certainty about the science of success and reframing your mind because she’s done it herself.  It’s an amazing model built on Stephanie’s 27-year career of consulting and coaching the biggest and best brightest firms in our industry and so much more.

“I’m in the business of awareness and disruption and change for a living,” Stephanie says. And that she is. Once we get started in our discussion, Stephanie’s wisdom flows like a waterfall, inspiring, remarkable, a force to be reckoned with. 

This self-described life-a-holic and Chief Possibility Officer, shares with us abundantly, what she’s learned from the disciplines of neuroscience, behavioral research, and from coaching thousands of financial advisors as part of this amazing interview. 

Stephanie began her career as Director of Marketing & Operations Griepp & Associates, then she spent 16 years at Quantuvis Consulting, a subsidiary of Genworth Financial where she CEO and Head of Strategy & Consulting. She was SVP, Client Experience & Training at United Capital Financial Advisers where she was responsible for the design, build-out, launch, and training of enterprise office model and client experience acquired by Goldman Sachs. 

Like many of us, Stephanie felt burned out in what felt like the hamster wheel of life; the wheel keeps turning turning turning as you exhaustedly run run run because if you stop, you’ll crash. 

“What is the point of success if you don’t have the time and freedom to enjoy it?”  

says Stephanie.

This is the part in the story where the main character mixes things up. So, Stephanie and her family moved to Costa Rica to retire just like that. 

“The lesson that it taught me is I can do anything anytime,” she says. Stephanie realized she could help others with what she learned in her studies about the science of success and happiness. That’s where Limitless Adviser Coaching was born, created to give every advisor access to the best practices Stephanie used to build her own success and to help build some of the profession’s elite firms.

“In the middle of our biggest challenges are our greatest teachers,” she says. The points of resistance that feel like speed bumps slowing you down keep you from upleveling. “You won’t build the next level of business, of body, of bank account, of any good thing in your life, until you can lean into believing that that’s what’s possible and available to you.”

Stephanie says.

It’s not enough to aim for something, you have to believe it, believe that you are capable and empowered. And there’s a science to it, a science that Stephanie studied for years. Stephanie shares that it’s not about doing more, adding more to your very long list of to-dos, it’s about focusing on the outcome and experience. 

That’s why this episode is so valuable, it’s almost as though you have a knowledgeable professor in your ear with years of schooling and knowledge telling you how to hack your brain into your own success story. Listen to Stephanie as she shares the Plus Minus Line exercise and her Four Pillars: Mindset, Methods, Momentum, Mapping to help you reframe your state of mind.

She gives us a framework for activity and action. Progress only happens when you do the work and it won’t be easy. After all, as Stephanie says in this episode, “our biggest blessings often come wrapped in sandpaper.”

Listen to Stephanie’s episode and utilize these three strategic concepts to help you build a life and a business without limits. 

  1. Focus on inspired action vs efforted action. There’s a fundamental difference between inspired action and what Stephanie calls ‘efforting’ action. When you focus solely on effort, you’re terrified that if you stop your world is going to completely fall apart. You have to do the work, yes, but it’s not the work that you might think it is, it’s mindset, brain work, reframing on a daily basis. 
  2. Write a thank you letter to 2020. A frequent expression of Stephanie is this, “Our biggest blessings usually come wrapped in sandpaper.” With this in mind, she urges us to write a thank you letter 2020 and to list every person and situation that challenged us this year. Conclude the letter with: In 2021, I’ll reap the full return from these lessons by…” and list how you intend to use the learning and what actions you will take as a result in 2021. 
  3. Operate from an above-the-line success state. During this episode, Stephanie presents an exercise to help us to discern the things we are doing in business to make us feel stressed out and drained. Unfortunately, most of us make (bad) decisions from this place and need to reprogram our minds using her line exercise. According to Stephanie, when we stop making decisions from below the line, our life will change and become unrecognizable in one year. She urges us to challenge and disrupt or conditioned-thinking at every stage.   

Show Notes:

Today’s episode of In The Suite with Stephanie Bogan is all about upleveling your life. She has 27 years of experience working in advisory firms and corporate boardrooms, so she’s seen the evolution in technology, strategy, work culture first-hand.

Stephanie is CEO and Founder of Educe Inc, where she established Limitless Adviser Coaching to help financial advisors and founders create bigger and better futures, and do it on their terms. 

“In the middle of our biggest challenges are our greatest teachers,” she says.

Listen to this episode to understand the difference between inspired action and effort in action, why time is your greatest asset, and why focusing on the outcome and experience truly matters most. You won’t want to miss Stephanie’s genius framework for great decision making with The Four Pillars: Mindset, Methods, Momentum, Mapping. 

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Five frogs on a lily pad (02:55)
  • 2020 was the year of the squeeze (05:30)
  • How Stephanie started her career (07:55)
  • The stress of success (10:30)
  • Finding yourself and allowing the uplevel in life (15:30)
  • Processing your challenges in a healthy way (22:40)
  • Why Stephanie started Limitless Adviser Coaching (27:10)
  • Studying the science of success and leadership (30:50)
  • What is inspired action vs. effort in action? (36:05)
  • Fight or flight in a business environment (40:40)
  • Reframing your mind and upleveling your story (45:40)
  • Creating a safe and open space for your children (49:05)
  • Overcoming the crisis of confidence (52:00)
  • Who is Limitless Adviser Coaching for? (55:50)
  • The Four Pillars: Mindset, Methods, Momentum, Mapping (60:15)
  • Stephanie walks us through the Plus Minus Line exercise (67:00)
  • Focusing on what matters: the outcome and the experience (73:30)
  • Why time us your great asset (76:55)
  • What’s your big Why? (80:50)
  • Changing limiting stories so you can flourish (85:10)
  • The Five Freedoms (90:00)

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