74. Empowering Others and the Wealth Freedom Formula with Eunicia Peret, CEO and Founder of the Empowered Financial Planner

Today In The Suite, we visit with Eunicia Peret, CEO and Founder of the Empowered Financial Planner. With over 17 years of financial strategy consulting experience, Eunicia focuses on delivering bottom-line value to corporate executives and successful business owners across multiple industries. 

Eunicia is passionate about helping people optimize their wealth, take control of their money, and minimize taxes. She specializes in helping motivated individuals get the answers to the complex financial questions many of her clients are willing to discuss. She believes everyone deserves to have a customized financial roadmap for long-term gains that fits their goals, needs, and desires.

Tired of the lack of transparency in the industry, Eunicia has made it her mission to share her knowledge with those who want to escape financial dependency. Through her Wealth Freedom Formula, she has helped over 200 clients Eunicia shares that nothing makes her happier than the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and businesses. 

In fact, one of the amazing gifts you’ll discover about Eunicia Peret in this episode is her inspiring backstory and journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Not only will you learn about unlocking financial opportunities but also the importance of having the right mindset to achieve them. Take a listen, and you will find something that will take you to the next level In The Suite.

Find the agenda for our conversation with Eunicia below:

  • About Empowered Financial Planner (04:15)
  • Finding Financial Independence (09:45)
  • How to Avoid Financial Failure (17:40)
  • Mindset Is Everything (34:00)
  • About Eunicia’s Method Classes (37:43)
  • The Social Media Approach (42:15)
  • The Leap From Corporate to Entrepreneurship (45:00)
  • Best Way To Get In Touch With Eunicia (50:20)
  • Eunicia’s Choice of Charity (54:00)


– Empowered Financial Planner Website
– Eunicia Peret LinkedIn

– Euncia Peret Twitter
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