72. Live from 2022 T3 Advisor Conference & Enterprise Day – My Conversations with 11 Bold FinTech Visionaries Making News and Headlines

Joel Bruckenstein is widely recognized as one of the most influential financial technology journalists and consultants in fintech. Known as @FinTechie on Twitter, and regularly featured in Barron’s, Financial Planning, RIABiz, InvestmentNews, and WealthMangement.com, for his expertise, Joel is an industry powerhouse and a leading authority on breaking news on emerging technology.

Joel is also the producer of the annual T3 Advisor Conference, the premier technology conference for independent financial advisors, and the T3 Enterprise Conference, an annual gathering of top executives from independent broker/dealers and large RIAs. 

In May of this year, In The Suite was given a front row seat and VIP access to the highly anticipated 2022 T3 Advisor Conference and Enterprise Day in Denton, Texas, May 3 – 5, where we joined Advisorpedia, InvestmentNews, ThreeCrowns Copywriting and Marketing, and Impact Communications covering all the action for the largest T3 ever in history – Thank you Joel Bruckenstein! 

In this amazing episode, recorded live at T3, you get to ride shotgun with me In The Suite, as we sit down with fintech leaders and mega giants like Eric Clarke and Daniel Crosby at Orion Advisor Services, making major news at T3 about Orion’s use of Amazon Redshift and Behavioral Finance innovation known as Protect, Live, Dream. 

We also talk with Evan Rapoport at SMArtX Advisory Solutions about their groundbreaking $30 MILLION DOLLAR strategic investment by Morningstar. 

 And we sit down Kate Healy, now Managing Director of the CFP Board’s Center for Financial Planning, to learn all about probono financial planning AND the Foundation for Financial Planning. 

But wait, there’s more. 

Mac Bartine, CEO of Smartria joins us to talk about enterprise compliance management.  

Rich Cancro, CEO of AdvisorEngine to talk about customization, personalization, and the growth of CRM. 

And you’ll also get to hear from these forward-thinking leaders disrupting the status quo: 

John Mackowiak from Advyzon

Patrick Reed, YourStake

Akshay Singh, Indyfin 

Nitin Seth, Incedo 

And Henry Zelikovsky, Softlab360

We hope you enjoy this special T3 Compilation episode all about fintech In The Suite! 

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