71. Building Strength and Breaking Through Barriers with Jess L. Bost, RICP®, VP of Partnerships at Alpha Architect and CrossFit Coach

Today we welcome Jess Bost In The Suite, Vice President of Brand Partnerships at Alpha Architect and part-time CrossFit coach. 

Today’s podcast begins with Jess explaining how she got into CrossFit. While Jess graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from Berry College, she found CrossFit during a traumatic time in her life. She was forty pounds overweight, and running in her asthmatic condition wasn’t helping her get out of her depressive phase. When she joined CrossFit classes, it transformed her life. It kept her physically healthy and mentally strong. She felt empowered, and sports became her bridge to healing. Her competitive nature and love for sports have led her to manage various CrossFit gyms, achieve multiple CrossFit certificates, and a national title in Olympic weightlifting in 2017! She was also qualified for the Masters Pan-AM in 2018. 

Jess’ life changed when she moved with her husband and two children to Augusta. Her husband lost his job, and she had to become the family’s breadwinner. Her circumstances, combined with her passion for helping people “get from where they were to where they want to be,” which CrossFit did for her, led her to the world of Finance. She was happy to learn that Finance was more than math and statistics. It can involve relationship building too!

 During the pandemic, she took the leap of faith when she changed companies and roles to become the new VP of Brand partnerships for Alpha Architect – an opportunity she found on social media! Jess has achieved series 65 and 63 licenses, qualifying her as a securities agent and investment advisor representative. Her belief that fitness and wealth management share the same principles has become an indivisible part of her focus and legacy. 

With more than 12 years of personal training experience and four years in the wealth management industry, Jess is passionate about being an advocate for other women, including her two daughters. To extend her goal, she’s started her podcast, “The Breakthrough Factor,” where she interviews professionals and athletes to learn how they overcome barriers to build their fitness and finances. 

The ability to act bold, especially in our careers is a recurring theme in today’s episode.  Join the conversation and learn about important life lessons we are often taught too late. Below is the agenda: 

Welcome, Jess!

  • (03:00) Being a CrossFit Coach for 12 years
  • (08:00) Is CrossFit for those over 50?
  • (12:35) “Progress. Is. Not. Linear.”
  • (21:00) First Exercise with Jess
  • (27:00) A Reboot in our Mindset
  • (30:40) How did she get into the world of Finance
  • (41:20) About Alpha Architect and her Role as the VP
  • (57:40) Financial Advice that Influenced Jess
  • (01:10:10) Second Exercise with Jess
  • (01:14:00) How To Connect With Jess 
  • (01:18:42) About Jess’ Podcast “The Breakthrough Factor.”
  • (01:28:15) Jess’ Family Charity

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