70. Live from ExchangeETFs – Inclusion and Equity in Fintech with Nicole Casperson, Founder of WTFintech? & Content Creator at Workweek

Recorded live from ExchangeETFs, today we are joined by the inspiring Nicole Casperson, Founder of WTFintech? & Content Creator at Workweek! Workweek is an innovative, new kind of media company and is a growing collective of industry experts who are changing the world of business. Over the past several years, Nicole has covered niche financial markets.

With this, she realized that traditional media lacks female perspectives and storytellers— and Nicole has brought her A-game to change the narrative and make HERstory known.

Being a true contemporary journalist branded for our time, WTFintech also offers a newsletter, YouTube Channel, and a podcast covering the evolution of FinTech with a focus on innovation and inclusion. 

Tired of hearing one-dimensional stories from the same “pale, male, and stale” voices that dominate the space, Nicole is bringing stories of diverse leaders.

Through her podcast, Nicole has interviewed numerous industry leaders like Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, Rishi Khanna from StockTwits, Flori Marquez from BlockFi, Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar, and more. Like Nicole, most of her guests were outsiders to the world of Fintech—but now they’re making their mark on it.

In today’s episode, Nicole takes us through her journey from reporter to creator. Nicole intertwines her years of experience as a hard-hitting finance journalist with industry expertise to provide culturally relevant content to create a new financial system that gives equal access to everyone.

Tune into this jaw-dropping conversation to hear all about:

  • (1:38): What exactly defines a success story? 
  • (5:41): Coming to terms with perspective.
  • (7:22): Beginnings into the fintech industry.
  • (10:25): How the pandemic changed outlooks on life.
  • (14:12): People follow people, not institutions.
  • (22:59): Taking a spin at different leadership companies.
  • (29:08): The power of responsibility
  • (36:43): Attracting the next-gen talent & telling a meaningful story.
  • (46:20): When two worlds collide.
  • (50:48): Resonating to crypto & analyzing why it is the way it is.
  • (56:20): Moving mountains in community and charitable giving.


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