65. Innovation, Adaptation and Global Video Empowerment with Katie Braden, CFP® , Founder & CEO of Innovating Advice

Today we invite Katie Braden In The Suite! At the time of this recording, Katie was going by Kate Holmes, but now, she’s taken on her husband’s last name and going to back to her full name. Katie Braden, CFP®

You all know Katie as the energetic founder of Innovating Advice, which provides consulting, coaching, and community for forward-thinking financial planners and advisors who want to easily and authentically grow with video. She also co-hosts the Video Creation Masterclass, a three-month course for financial advisors that’ll help them increase their comfort and confidence on camera. 

Katie describes herself as a passionate advocate for propelling the global financial planning profession forward and she’s had the pleasure of working with financial services professionals in over 35 countries and territories.

She’s also the host of The Innovating Advice Show, available on all major podcast outlets. 

Katie is a firm believer in innovating and adapting continuously on a professional and personal level. She’s made many of her own life decisions by asking the question ‘why not?’. Love that. 

There’s no doubt that today’s episode will highly inspire you to ask Why Not. Katie’s spontaneous approach to life and attitude toward a growth mindset will only push you to think and do things outside the box In The Suite. 

04:00 Where do advisors need to innovate the most? 
06:29 How did Kate get into the industry? 
10:30 Congrats on 100 episodes of the podcast! 
16:15 Congrats on your pilot certification!
18:56 The best way to build our confidence 
23:40 About her video masterclass  
34:38 The challenges that women face 
39:00 About Sega Network
41:00 The Formation of a Global Society
42:45 Upcoming conferences
44:00 How to build trust in a brand? 
47:50 The secret to Kate’s smiling face.
50:00 How to contact Kate? 
51:39 Kate’s Book recommendation

Katie Braden, CFP® LinkedIn
Katie Braden, CFP® Twitter
Innovating Advice Website
Katie’s Video Creation 3-Month Masterclass
Bob Veres Insider’s Forum

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