51. Building a Successful Career in Enterprise Sales & Marketing and the Experience of Being a Doula with Diana Cabrices, VP of Enterprise Development at Snappy Kraken

We are so excited to welcome Diana Cabrices In the Suite! Diana the Vice President of Enterprise Development at Snappy Kraken. Snappy Kraken is an award-winning automated growth program focused on Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing solutions that helps financial advisors automate, personalize, and track marketing campaigns and business processes. 

While predominantly she works with the compliance team in the broker-dealer channel, Diana has successfully worked with thousands of financial advisors on marketing support, succession planning, and M&A recruiting. Her passion, enthusiasm, and love for the profession will clearly reflect in this interview. Despite the challenges that come with her role, she’s very driven, motivated, and career-oriented – qualities that she thanks her mother for. 

In this episode, Diana shares with us her fascinating origin story. She’s a first-generation Cuban-Venezuelan-American who grew up low-income in a single-family home. Being the youngest daughter of three, she grew and understood her responsibilities quickly.  

She reveals that coming from a Hispanic background never stopped her ambitions. And despite the initial mental struggle, as she matured, she learned to own her original story and be proud of it.  An attitude she hopes inspires other women. 

While some companies fell into disarray during the pandemic, other companies like Snappy Kraken actually began as a 100% remote company. Diana is extremely grateful to Snappy Kraken, who gives her the freedom and lifestyle she’s always dreamt of. She thanks the remarkable structure and management of the company, who took extra care of the mental health of employees during these difficult moments. Diana asserts that during the pandemic, they did not get negatively impacted and thrived instead! In fact, Diana starts the podcast sharing a big announcement that will blow your mind!

In addition to empowering women in sales, in this episode, Diana shares valuable tips on how businesses can be formed successfully in a virtual environment and how they can keep a work culture together. All of which are precious information that can transform your business during these challenging moments. 

In addition to her role as Vice President of Enterprise Development, Diana found her calling as a Doula a few years ago. Through her past experiences, she realized that there was a need for professional support to empower women before, during, and after pregnancy. Diana knew that she could help women by extending her true characteristics, as a supportive and nurturing woman.

Join our conversation to hear about:

  • Who is Snappy Kraken and the BIG news happening at Snappy Kraken! (05:38)
  • Diana’s origin story (8:30)
  • What keeps culture together in a remote environment?  (13:00)
  • How businesses can be formed in a virtual environment (18:50)
  • Diana’s role in Snappy Kraken and Enterprise Marketing (32:45)
  • What are we getting wrong? (37:00)
  • Celebrating Diana as a proud Latina (40:30)
  • Diana’s role as a doula! (44:00)
  • Advice for women (50:45)
  • Diana’s book recommendations (57:45) 
  • How to get in touch with Diana and upcoming conferences (59:38)


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