53. Achieving Balance & Living an Intentional Life with Travis Parry, Ph.D. Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

It is with immense pleasure and honor that we introduce our first male guest ever on the show. It is none other than the phenomenal Dr. Travis Parry. 

Travis is the best-selling author of “Achieving Balance,” an inspirational keynote speaker, the Founder and coach of the Make Time Institute, and soon to be a father for the seventh time. 

Travis started his career as a financial advisor in 2002, but a series of life-changing events took a turn in his life. The tragic experience of losing his young father from an unexpected heart attack and having to literally process his father’s death claim created a moment for Travis to look at his life in a more holistic view. 

He invested in his education and earned several degrees in behavioral science to understand human behavior better.

As a result, his best-selling book “Achieving Balance” was born. In the podcast, Travis reveals that the concept of work/life could actually be a misnomer. In addition to work, there are ten other areas in our lives, including spiritual, physical health, relationships, and more, that are vying for our attention and time. 

Through his workshops, Travis noticed a natural market for couples who find it difficult to talk about money, causing friction in their relationship. He firmly believes that when couples share goals, especially financial ones, it will translate into increased happiness in their partnership.

 Join the conversation to here about:

  • Big news! (02:15)
  • About the Make Time Institute (04.55)
  • What is a mini-obituary worksheet? (09:55)
  • The role of community in our lives (15:10)
  • How often should we re-visit our smart goals? (18:45)
  • Busting myths on ‘Balance’ and ‘Multi-tasking.’ (22:03)
  • The power of letting go (32:10)
  • What to expect from Travis’ workshop? (37:50)
  • Shared values and well-being among couples (42:40)
  • Travis’ next project (55:33)
  • Book recommendation (01:03:15)


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